An Appeal

Momineen should make a point to take advantage of the works of Mir Hamid Husain Musawi and strengthen themselves on the Aqaid of Imamat. They should own the book of Abaqat whichever volumes are published for their children and their coming generation and pray for the publications of other volumes.

Last but not the least they should make a point to visit the grave of Syed Hamid Hussain (RA) in ImamBara of Gufran Ma’aab, whenever they visit the City of Lucknow and Recite Surah Fateha for this “Gem of Wilayat” being fully confident that this place must be frequented by our Twelfth Imam Hujjat Ibn Hasan Askari (ATFS) for Syed Hamid Hussain’s sacrifice, his whole life for defending the Imamat of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS) and his Eleven sons (AS) .

A small Ziyarat is also recommended for the Scholars