Tohfa -e- Ithna Ashariyya and Abaqat al Anwar

Mohaddis Abdul Aziz Bin Waliullah Dehlavi‘s linage ends at Umar Ibn Khattab. He was born in 1159 AH and died in 1239 AH. His famous book is Tuhfeh which was written with the purpose of curtailing the influence and mission of Sayed Dildar Ali Gufran Maab. This was the precise reason that the first one to refute Tuhfeh was Gufan Maab himself.

Tuhfeh was published in the beginning of the 13 century Hijri in Persian by author’s name Gulam Haleem but in its second edition the name was changed to Abdul Aziz Mohaddis Dehlavi. In this book Mohaddis Dehlavi has discussed about the Shia believes of Tauheed, Nabuwaat, Imamat, and Maad etc. The sole purpose of writing the book was to sow the seeds of discord amongst the Muslims. Mohaddis Dehlavi in the beginning of the book emphasized that only those topics will be discussed which are acceptable to both the parties but whoever studies his book will realize that he did not do justice with his claim and the book is far from the truth and reality. Especially on the subject of Imamate. He denied all the verses of Quran and Ahadith which proves the Imamate of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS).He did it with such deceit that no example can be found elsewhere.

This is also important that Tuhfeh is plagiary of Nasrullah Kabuli’s book As Sawaiq which he translated into Persian with a little addition from his side. This book consists of 12 chapters. The list of refutations written by the scholar’s chapter wise has been mentioned by Sayed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi in his eulogy.

Mir Hamid Hussain following the footsteps of earlier Shia Ulema first have narrated the sayings of Mohandas Dehlavi and others, then answered every objection sentence by sentence rather those objections which Dehlavi could not raised, he answered them too.

For example:

No. Sayings of Mohaddis Dehlavi Refutation by Mir Hamid Hussain
1 Sibte Ibn Jauzi after quoting Hadith Saqlain in Al Ilal Mutanihiyate Fil Ahadith Al wahiyate said this Hadith is not correct Mir Hamid Hussain has refuted the saying of Ibn Jauzi by 156 reasons.


2 Hadith Safeena that it does not proof the Imamate of Ali (AS), surprisingly he did not object on sanad of Hadith Safeena but Ibn Taimiyah did saying that the sanad of Hadith Safeena is not mentioned in any of the reliable books.


Mir Hamid Hussain has first mentioned 92 people who have narrated this Hadith .The first amongst them is Shafeii, Then Ahmed, Then Muslim then continued till his own time (i.e. fourteen century). He mentioned there exact statement because discussion of Narrators is preferred over discussion of dalalah. This way he destroyed the foundation of statement of Mohaddis Dehlavi as well as Ibn Taiymiyyah.



Mir Hamid Hussain has unveiled many of the truths while investigating the sayings of his opponents has reached to their roots. Mir Hamid proved that Mohaddis Dehlavi has not said something new but just the repetitions of his seniors which have been answered and refuted hundreds of time. He proved that Tuhfeh is plagiary of Nasrullah Kabuli’s book As-Sawaiq with addition from his father and Hesamudden Saharanpuri. Also Mohaddis Dehlavi Bustanul Mohaddaseen is a plagiary of Tajudden dahan’s Kifayatul Mattalleh.

While refuting Tuhfeh Mir Hamid has unveiled many unfounded claims Example:

No. Sayings of Mohaddis Dehlavi Unveiling the false claim by Mir Hamid Hussain
1 A group says that Ibn Jauzi has considered Hadith Tair amongst fabricated traditions This is false attribution towards Ibn Jauzi he has not done so.



2 It is said about Hafiz Yahya bin Moeen that in the context of Hadith Ana Madinatul Ilm that it is devoid of reality It is absolutely false saying about Hafiz Yahya bin Moeen. He never said it.


3 About Tirmidhi it is said that he considered Hadith Madina amongst rare hadith Tirmidhi has said nothing like it.


4 Shamsuddeen Ibn Jauzi it is said that He does not accept Hadith Madina It is wrongly attributed to him
5 Ibn Taimiyah has reasoned from a Hadith and said that it is found in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim The Hadith is:”Once Prohet (S) asked Abu Bakr and Umar regarding Isra .Abu Bakr said Fidiaa should be taken from him and Umar said he should killed after listening Prophet (S) said regarding Abu Bakr he is like Hazrat Ibraheem and Hazrat Eisa and Umar like Hazrat Nooh “.


The Hadith is   found neither in Sahih Bukhari nor Sahih Muslim.
6 Allameh Hilli after narrating Hadith Ishbah (Whoever wants to see Ilm of Adam, piety of Nooh…….should look at Ali (AS)) from Baihaqi .Then he has done istedlal with it.But some people have denied the narration from Bahaiqi. Mir Hamid has done a lengthy discussion on it and said This is wrong attribute towards Baihaqui
7 Imam Razi has claimed that Ibn Ishaq has not narrated Hadith Ghadeer which proves it to be a weak tradition This claim is false and Ibn Ishaq has narrated Hadith Ghadeer, in fact he is amongst one of the Narrators and a group of people have narrated Hadith Ghadeer from Ibn Ishaq himself.


8 Shaikh Ali Qari and Waliullah Dehlavi related the fabricated tradition “Do follow after me the two, means Abu Bakr and Umar”. To Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. This is wrong and Hakim Nishapuri in his book “Mustadrak ala Shaiyaeen” after narrating the hadith clarified that it is not mentioned in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.


Mir Hamid has also discussed in details about various alteration and changes in number of Ahadith.

For the same reason the opponents till today could not answer Abaqat .Therefore there is consensus amongst Shia Ulema that in past and present there is no book written like Abaqat.


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