Abaqat al-Anwar – The Empirical Book of Shia Islam

Abaqat al-Anwar is not only a greatest work on Imamat ever written but also perhaps as one of the greatest masterpieces of scholarship ever compiled on a doctrinal issue anywhere in the history of any religion.

Aqa Buzurg Tehrani says about the Abaqat al-Anwar: “It is the greatest of books compiled on the subject (ie. Imamat) from the outset of the Islamic era to the present.”

1-Mirza Abul Fazl Author of Shafa-us Sudur

Abaqat is the book by Mir Hamid Hussain, ‘The Great Sayed’, ‘The Perfect Mohaddis’, ‘The shining star of Hind’, ‘Pride of Lucknow’, ‘The Last of Mutakallimin’, May Allah sends His Blessing on his Grave.
Since the beginning of Ilm Kalam till the day of writing of this Book .No book has been written like it, Where the sayings of “ Excellence of Aimma Athar “ has been collected from the books of opponents themselves.
Ref; Safa us sudur 99-100.

2-Sayed Mohsin Ameen Aamuli Author of Ayan-us Shia

The Book written in Persian Abqatul Anwar is such that, never a book has been written on this topic in the past as well as present. Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi the Author of Tuhfeh with different excuses has denied all those Ahadith which proves the Imamat of Ali (AS). The Author of Abaqat has established the continuity (Tawator) of those Ahadith from the books of Ahle Sunnat themselves. One can understand the comprehensives of the knowledge of the author. One of the volumes of Abaqat is regarding Hadith Tair. All the volumes are published from India. I have done study of it and found it is bursting spring and free flowing river of knowledge and then I realized the vastness of knowledge of the Author.
Ayan-us Shia vol 18 p 371

3-Shaikh Buzurg Tehrani Author Az zariyah ila Tasanif Shia

“Abaqat al-Anwar: It is the greatest of books compiled on the subject (ie. Imamat) from the outset of the Islamic era to the present.”
Alamus-shia Vol 1 p 348

Sheikh Buzurg Tehrani writes at another place, “This book is one amongst Theology (Kalami), Narrators (Rijali) and History (Tarikhi) book. It contains knowedges which has not been discussed earlier in any of the books”.
Mosaffal Makal fi musannaf fi ilm rijal p 149

4-Sheikh Abbas Qummi Author of Safinat-ul- Bihar

Since the advent of Islam till the present day, No book has been written like Abaqat .It is not possible to write such a book without Taufeeq and Grace from Allah and Special Attention of Wali ASR (AJTF).
Hadeyatul ahbab p 177 and Fawaid-e- Razaviya

5-Mohaqaiq Shaikh Mohammed Ali Tabrezi Author of Rehant-ul- Ahbab

Whoever read Abaqat will conclude the in Ilm Qalam especially on the topic of Imamat, since the advent of Islam till the day none has written such a book with such unique methodology. Such a comprehensive knowledge is possible only by the help Allah and attention of Wali Asr (AJTF)

6-Allameh Ameeni Author of Al- Ghadeer

Mir Hamid Hussain Hindi Lucknowi, who died in the year 1306 AH at the age of sixty, wrote two big volumes of Hadith Ghadeer comprising of 1080 pages. He wrote about the continuous chain of narrators and meaning of Hadith Ghadeer. These two volumes are bigger as compared to other volumes of Abaqat. The Great Sayed like his pure father was always eager and ready to defend the religion of Allah from the enemies of truth. They both were great signs of Ayat-e-Ilahi. Allah through him only has finalized the truth and clarified the way. The sweet smell of Abaqat has engulfed the whole world and their stories have reached Far East and west. Whoever studies the book will realize that it is an open miracle and falsehood cannot face. I have been greatly benefitted by various knowledge from the book
Al Ghadeer Vol 1, page 156

7-Imam Al Khomeini author of Kashf-ul Asrar

The Like of Abaqat of Respected Sayed Mir Hamid Hussain has not been written so far. I have heard it is in 30 Volumes, In Iran only 15 Volumes are available. I have seen some about seven to eight volumes. New publications are on its way. It is compulsory on every person according to his capacity to see it publication and distribution, Before we lose this great encyclopedia. The enemy is in waiting for its destruction.
Kashf-ul Asrar: p 142